The design work at Frenchmans has been carried out by Hucksters at the Old Customs House, under the direction of Jillian Dunlop, with furniture, accessories and bedlinens designed to reflect the natural beauty of this Caribbean location. All paintings, prints and maps displayed in the villas can be purchased or ordered through the Old Customs House, contact details of which are listed below; a few items can also be gifted via this website. There is a constant display of the work of three local artists on the walls of the Restaurant at Frenchmans. Any enquiries about the work of these artists should be brought to the attention of Jillian Dunlop who will be delighted to introduce you to a full selection of their work.

Hucksters at the Old Customs House
at Island Roots Cafe Gallery
113 Main Street,
Roadtown, Tortola
tel: 284 547 6062